OCTOBER 2007 Fire Victims

If you were affected by the October 2007 San Diego Fires, this may pertain to you. The three-year statute of limitations for certain property claims is not long off. We at the Law Offices of Alexander M. Schack can help you. Many people who suffered damages are uninsured or underinsured. If you are among them, please contact us today and let’s discuss your options.


The Law Offices of Alex Schack has successfully argued before the court that claims recently filed against SDG&E by our clients are timely. We can still file a claim for you. If you are among those who were affected by the fires, please call Alex, Geoff or Betsy today, or contact us and let's discuss your options.

Mr. Schack and his firm have successfully represented many consumers and small to mid-sized businesses in a variety of actions. From a pro-bono false advertising case for failure to honor a warranty, to a California class action on behalf of smokeless tobacco users, to a nationwide class action on behalf of convenience store franchisees, the firm’s cases are diverse and sometimes groundbreaking.

Currently, the firm represents many victims of the October 2007 San Diego fires in actions against SDG&E and Cox Cable. Mr. Schack was appointed as one of the coordinators of the litigation by the San Diego Court. The firm is also involved in class actions against the automobile industry, Bayer, Hydroxycut, the makers of certain computer components, Honeywell and Apple Computers. The firm also has several pending actions for false advertising against infomercial promoters and multilevel marketers.